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US Department of Agriculture Farm Services Agency - Funds Ledger System

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Services Agency (FSA) serves farmers, ranchers, and agricultural partners through the delivery of effective, efficient agricultural programs for all Americans. POWTEC, LLC supported USDA FSA IT efforts for over 10 years.

Business Challenge

USDA FSA Conservation Programs pays billions of dollars per year in payments to America’s farmers, but did not have a way for program managers to manage and monitor the money associated with their programs. This information gap led to instances of unexpected funding shortages and overages in various accounts used to fund conservation programs.


POWTEC, LLC created the Conservation Funds Ledger web-based system which acts as a general ledger for all conservation program funds totaling billions of dollars. POWTEC, LLC’s team of highly-qualified professionals worked with FSA business stakeholders for a year to create the system and its accompanying Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) interface. The project required collaboration and coordination between many different government groups and third-party contractor personnel.


Conservation Funds Ledger allows FSA to allocate funding from Congress to all conservation programs from the national level all the way down to the state and county levels by tracking each entity’s funding separately. Funds Ledger also allows for obligation and de-obligation of funds including fiscal year-end rollover or rollback of funds. POWTEC, LLC delivered an application that functions as a shared service that supports all conservation applications from the start with no gaps in functionality. FSA now has a high level of visibility and control over the funding of their conservation programs allowing them to shift funds between programs as needed and avoid funds shortages and overages.

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