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Federal Occupational Health - Service Tracking & Management System

Federal Occupational Health (FOH) designs and delivers comprehensive occupational health solutions to thousands of federal employees. FOH is a non-appropriated agency within the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). POWTEC, LLC supported FOH IT efforts for over 15 years.

Business Challenge

FOH was relying on a variety of different systems and applications to track the various services they provide. These systems did not share data or provide a common platform from which FOH users could run the business. Users were forced to log into disparate systems to retrieve and enter the data they required and had to manually assemble reports using data from all the different systems. As FOH’s customer base grew, it became apparent that a common platform to track and manage FOH’s business was needed. Because of FOH’s unique business needs, off-the-shelf systems would not work.


In response to FOH’s needs, POWTEC, LLC created the Service Tracking and Management (STM) System. To accomplish this, we embedded a team of information technology professionals into FOH’s business. Our staff sat side-by-side with government staff to understand their challenges and goals. We then transformed our understanding into a solution for FOH: POWTEC, LLC was responsible for all aspects of the design, development, testing, project management, and implementation of the system. 


STM pulls together the formerly disparate business data and processes into a single sign-on and unified system, allowing FOH to manage their services much more effectively and efficiently. Following federal standards for security and privacy, the web-based STM system serves thousands of FOH users daily. In addition to helping FOH track and administer the wide variety of health services they provide, STM provides consolidated reporting that was not available with their previous multiple-system configuration. Demands on the system have increased due to FOH’s growth: POWTEC, LLC continues to provide maintenance of STM including enhancements to increase functionality and performance.

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